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Good things take time.


This photo was 4 years ago and I was the happiest I had ever been in my own skin. I worked so hard to get to that point.  Physically and mentally. Then LIFE just sneaks up on you and CHANGES. That is something we can always count on. CHANGE. Seasons change. Our bodies change. Stress exists and can morphs and move with us into EVERY SEASON. Our approach for staying healthy has to adapt accordingly. I type this from one of those moments.
We have all walked through a tough couple of years. I dealt with some of the stress well and some of it… not so well. This wasn’t just the changes that COVID forced on us, but also my own issues. I gained some weight on purpose for competition and then had a massive anxiety fest when I couldn’t get it to come off as easily as I thought it would. It has had me feeling like I felt before I worked so hard for my health and fitness. I have been facing those dark places that I thought I had defeated. The fact is that my body is different than it was a few years ago and getting my body back to to where it needs to be may take a slightly different process this time. It may take longer. I may have to do some things differently.

One thing is certain, I have to find joy and strength where I am RIGHT NOW, so that my body can feel safe and valued. I can’t be a mean girl to myself until my weight is back where I think it should be.

I get these super strong, protective emotions at this time of the year. I feel like all of the “New Year’s Resolution” marketing clouds everyone’s vision and takes advantage of people’s desire to be better versions of themselves. They want to get healthier, but they find themselves drawn into the “get fit fast” programs. The idea is compelling. Who doesn’t want to lose all the weight and have six pack abs in 30 days? However, in 30 days, the only thing thats lighter and tighter is their budget. I guess it triggers me because I’ve been there. I’ve wanted to make a change and invested in the idea that you could do it quickly… but quick doesn’t stick!
I was so excited when I had a coach that taught me how to do it the right way. Slow and steady.

Good things take time. Be patient and consistent. And then if things change and life seems to shove you backwards, reset, refocus, and do it again. Be patient and consistent again. Be kind to yourself. You can exercise discipline and still be gracious. As I type these words, I am doing my best to press them into my own heart and mind. When God created us, He said that we are GOOD. I want to believe that my body is GOOD and treat myself with honor, respect and care. When I pray, meditate on scripture, eat nutritiously, move my body, feed my mind, get good sleep, engage in community and foster other healthy habits, I am leaning into how God created me. I will feel GOOD when I measure my health from that perspective.

God, help us to see ourselves as You see us. We are so sorry that we’ve spent so much time hating or punishing what you created to be GOOD. We want to pursue our physical and mental health from your perspective. We don’t want to simply chase a number on the scale or a clothing size. We want to be the best version of ourselves so we can LOVE WELL. Unfiltered. To Love You. To Love others. To Love ourself. Thank you for who You are to us!
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Love Y’all, Darla


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