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I can’t do this

Passenger airplane is flying in the blue sky with pink clouds
i just don’t feel like i can do this?

I don’t know if there is ever a day that I don’t feel that in some way. That is the thing about FEELINGS. They are so unstable. I can FEEL like I am ready to attack the day and get stuff done in one second, then something will trigger a complete break down and I will feel a rush of overwhelm & defeat within the same minute. It would amaze you to enter into my head and witness the ridiculous change of emotions from one moment to the next. I pray for God to help me, but I have to do my part too! I can’t just let my thoughts & feelings run crazy. They will taking me down sketchy and distracting paths.

Speaking of DISTRACTING PATHS, social media is why I decided to relaunch my website. A few years ago, I had created a site that I loved, but quickly realized that I was sharing and communicating on Instagram so much, my website was not really needed. So I just let it go. Over the last year, social media was just ONE BIG TRIGGER for me. I could hardly jump onto the accounts that I love to follow or even share my life & heart without being bombarded with so many things that made me FEEL SO MANY FEELINGS. And I don’t know how well that you know me, but I FEEL ALL OF MY FEELINGS with a side of ALL OF YOURS! It was just too much! It truly made me feel like “I CAN’T DO ANY OF THIS!” The worst part of it all was that I felt like I couldn’t write, share, & encourage like I knew I should. That is who I am and not doing that was making everything worse.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I have to figure out how to write & share, but also take care of my mind, guard my thoughts, and control my feelings! The best way I know how to do this is to just show you. I want to grab your hand and pull you along as I figure life out. Relaunching this site in a simple way is my solution.

We are capable of getting to great places and doing great things when we SET OUR MINDS, but that is the hard part.
Our mind is like a large plane. We get to choose the pilot, but it’s not easy. It takes our constant awareness.
-Our FEELINGS love to be in control and they will always fly us into turbulence. It will be high highs, low lows, and most likely a bit of motion sickness.
-Our LOGIC could also try to step in and over-think us into progress paralysis.
-Our SPIRIT wants to be in control, but that requires us to be actively involved. Stripping FEELINGS out of the way when they push back to the front. Hearing LOGIC, but knowing when it’s too loud. Asking God for guidance in our actions & reactions. Taking captive every thought. Our mind just doesn’t do well on auto-pilot. Someone’s gotta be in charge. You get to CHOOSE!

Just a reminder, I’m right here with you. I don’t always pick the right thoughts. I’m working on this at all times!
Here are few things that help:

Take captive every thought.
When a thought or feeling comes to the surface, we get to choose whether to LET IT GO or LET IT GROW. 
Prayer elevates our perspective. 
It takes our focus from US to THE ONE WHO LOVES US most.
Practice awareness.
Recognize when you feel your mind go into auto-pilot and chose the thoughts you want in charge. 
Our mind just doesn’t do well on auto-pilot. YOU CHOOSE which thoughts will run the show!